Since I mostly spend my time working on projects for clients instead of messing around with Flex and figuring out new things anymore, I’ve decided to embark on a long journey.

Building a fully featured YouTube Video Manager.

It’s going to be quite feature rich, and I’ll most probably release the source on here for everyone to play around with 🙂

Some of the stuff I’m hoping to get in it is –

  • Search YouTube and Top 10 lists etc.
  • Watch Videos in a custom player instead of the standard YouTube player.
  • Download videos in the background with a single click!
  • Have a little favorites thing going on.
  • Lots of fancy stuff thrown in like drag and drop etc.

I’m quite open to suggestions as to what I should add to it.

Remember, I’m in the very initial stages of this project, so now would be a great time to tell me what your thoughts are!