UPDATE: Everything is back to normal! Check it out! (4/6 @ 9:32 PM EST) OK I’ve talked to the server people and they tell me they’ve got hardware problems and it will be resolved in 6+ hours! Sorry for the delay! (4/6 @ 5:25 PM EST)
We’ve got some problems with the server so you may not be able to download/login. Working on fixing the issue, should be resolved shortly! (4/6 @ 5:05 PM EST)

It’s finally here people!

Download: FlexTube version 0.9.2. (1.57 Mb)

I’ll be posting updated screenshots soon as the ones in earlier posts are quite a bit out of date.

I’ve made some big changes, for example I’ve now added a login screen, forcing you to login to access the rest of the application.

Oh, which reminds me –

Username: test
Password: test

Might need those 😛

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!