This is a big update!

UPDATE: Source now uploaded!

I’ve decided that I just don’t have the time or interest to pursue FlexTube anymore.

You will find an example of FlexTube with the core functions online here. (Username: test, Password: test)

There is a small bug, if you search for a video and no results are found, it will spit out an error. I haven’t really worked on that part of it yet.

I will very shortly be uploading the code to Google Code. I’ll update this post once it’s done.

Feel free to download and play around with the code, or even work on it further and make improvements. I’ll be checking on it now and then to see how it’s going.
I wasn’t really sure what license I should have selected, so I just picked “GNU Lesser Public License”. If anybody can shed some light in that area (licensing) that’d be great!

I have started work on this new, top secret project. When I get around half way near completion, I suppose I’ll be able to blog about it. Until then I’m not allowed to say a word!