I just finished my very first application on Facebook last night, and wow was it quite the experience.

I noticed that nobody else had built and successfully launched an app that allowed you to have songs on your profile because of bandwidth and storage problems I guess.

I decided to give it a shot and created SongBook!

It’s been only a few hours, and already I’m seeing a fantastic response! Already over 150 users have signed onto the application and uploaded songs to their profiles! I didn’t expect it to have such a fantastic growth rate, but it’s really getting out of control. My used bandwidth nearly doubles by the end of the day (running up a few GB’s per day!)  so I’m not really sure what to do because I’m expecting a few millions users to add the app.

Take a look for yourself, and please, add it if you have a Facebook profile. Not that I have to ask you to add it, it’s already pretty amazing :p

If you know of any lovely company that would like a nice fat ad spot right on the home page of the app (projected to have a few million views, daily/weekly?) and would like to sponsor me, PLEASE let me know!