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So I was working on a project, and realized I needed a way to update my application once it had been deployed. I figured the answer was simple:  add PHP headers to stop caching. Wrong.

That didn’t solve the problem at all.

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The reason I haven’t made a post in so long is because I’ve been quite wrapped up getting a working demo of my latest app ready. I can’t really release much information, but here it is anyway.

The current project I’m working on is called FlexIM, however the name well definitely change once we move to production. It’s an instant messaging application made in Flex, obviously, that can do a whole lot of things. Continue reading

According to, my FlexTube application was voted the 10th coolest Apollo Application!

Thanks to all of you people who made that possible 🙂


I’ve been working hard on FlexTube. I’ve added a whole array of features, some new and some old.

There will be the following in the next (stable) release :

  • Download Manager – Ability to download videos
  • Export – Export the videos into different formats like .mpeg and .avi
  • Favorites data will be stored online so you can access it anywhere!
  • Lots of small improvements to make everything run better.

…and lots more!

I’ll leave the rest as a surprise!

Since I mostly spend my time working on projects for clients instead of messing around with Flex and figuring out new things anymore, I’ve decided to embark on a long journey.

Building a fully featured YouTube Video Manager. Continue reading