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HP has released a fantastic tool titled “SWFScan”. This convenient little application decompiles existing SWF’s either sitting on your hard drive or on the internet and scans them for vulnerabilities like trace() statements still hanging in there or possibly revealing information/stored MD5 hashes.

I highly recommend you download it and give it a try, its’s definitely worth it.

SWFScan can be downloaded here.


Nick Velloff, after far far far too long, has finally released his sample code for the XIFF API.

I first explored the XIFF API probably over a year ago, and now it’s time to revisit it. Polishing up my FlexIM application shouldn’t be too difficult with the sample code finally available!

I just finished my very first application on Facebook last night, and wow was it quite the experience.

I noticed that nobody else had built and successfully launched an app that allowed you to have songs on your profile because of bandwidth and storage problems I guess.

I decided to give it a shot and created SongBook!

It’s been only a few hours, and already I’m seeing a fantastic response! Already over 150 users have signed onto the application and uploaded songs to their profiles! I didn’t expect it to have such a fantastic growth rate, but it’s really getting out of control. My used bandwidth nearly doubles by the end of the day (running up a few GB’s per day!)  so I’m not really sure what to do because I’m expecting a few millions users to add the app.

Take a look for yourself, and please, add it if you have a Facebook profile. Not that I have to ask you to add it, it’s already pretty amazing :p

If you know of any lovely company that would like a nice fat ad spot right on the home page of the app (projected to have a few million views, daily/weekly?) and would like to sponsor me, PLEASE let me know!


This is wonderful news!

Mike Chambers posted on his blog this the Apollo Beta will ship with access to an embedded database!

Apollo Beta will include SQLite Embedded Database